#invisilign #teethstraightening Hey guys! So I had these on for 6-7 months and it went so quickly, I LOVE the results and would 100% recommend to anyone. Prices vary depending on your dentist. Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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  1. I started on the 30th of December. I’m on my 5th tray- I missed one week. I was away so I had to rescheduled my appointment for new trays. So far so good. It’s just the new trays pheww- the pain and lisp☹😕.
    You’re gorgeous by the way.

    1. I’m starting my Invisalign journey in 4 days, just wondering Did your dentist mention to you how long you will have to have them for? Mine said at least 12-18 weeks.
      Also are you attachments at the front is it visible? Or is yours on the side teeth if you know what I mean.
      Would appreciate your reply, thanks

  2. Thanks for this information. Very helpful. Your teeth look great. Been waiting on mine and start them next week!

  3. Hi! You’re so beautiful! I have a question: does the Invisalign trays feel really bulky as compared to the overnight retainer? My orthodontist let me try the Vivera overnight retainer out for a week to see if I’ll be able to handle it before I commit 100% but the tray was so bulky that I don’t like it. Are the actual trays for treatment easy to deal with or do they feel really bulky in your mouth?

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